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The fact that Levitra - a selective inhibitor of fifth type, hardly likely to be useful to anyone but specialists. If you explain the action of Levitra more simple terms, the phosphodiesterase - a strong special enzyme that strongly triggers a complex reaction, and the end result is - a complete relaxation of smooth muscle, it is a structural part of the men's penis. As a result, it perfectly promotes better blood filling the cavernous bodies, as a result - is a full strong erection. How effective is this medicine? Why do you need to order levitra? According to many various studies, 6 out of 10 men by Levitra fully regained their sexual function - a perfect erection. Other studies which are taken into account a survey of those men who have chronic problems, are more significant for optimism - they increase their rate to 8 out of 10. Such efficiency shows that Levitra can bring back the joy of intimacy and perfect quality erection vast majority.Can anyone help Levitra, erectile dysfunction if passed into serious stage?Extreme stage of erectile dysfunction require only an integrated approach to their therapy.

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Levitra - a modern medical facility, the preparation of a new generation, the active medicine which is often called "vardenafil". Its purpose: to improve men's erections. Thus, Levitra helps sexual intercourse normal hours and recreate the full range of sexual feelings and the natural consequences of men who suffer from strong erectile dysfunction. Determination of how the effect of Levitra? Can it be called as perfect sexual stimulant? Why you should order levitra online? Thanks to Levitra more than 3/4 of men has been a marked improvement in strong erectile function, it is sufficient to effect a full sexual long intercourse. Such a measure may well be increased by more than 85 percent, if we can add to this figure the percentage of those men who underwent prostatectomy or have diabetes. Therefore, Levitra can be at this moment called a sexual stimulant, but in fact it operates a number of larger scale.What is the mechanism of action of Levitra?